The Richland Springs Drama Club is presenting a Fish Fry Lunch with Steel Magnolias, performed by the R.S.H.S One Act Play group.  The Fish Fry Lunch will be held in the Cafetorium at Richland Springs High School. It will be held March 18, 2012. The lunch will begin at Noon and be served until 1:30, and the play begins at approximately 1:30 and will last to 2:15. The charge will be by donation only. Jeffery Bates is also the cook for the fish fry. He will only be using American fish.
The Drama Club would love for you to come enjoy some fish and watch the fantastic play, Steel Magnolias!
Truvy – Brooke Vaughn
M’Lynn – Sara Hedley
Shelby – Katelynn Teel
Clairee – Melanie Hedley
Ouiser – Brooklyn McGinty
Annelle – DeAnna Grady
Thomas Fowler, Jonathon Patino, Denim Reeves, Remy Wood, and Gracie Madrigal
ALTERNATES: Brianna Bradley, Nick Moore, and Gunner Mann
DIRECTOR: Patsy Hall, Kristen Loudermilk, and Paula Miller
BUS DRIVER: Mondo Garcia


Tornado Weather!

Tornados in China Springs

On March 8th,  the OAP group traveled to China Springs to perform Steel Magnolias for critic, Rick Garcia. After the performance, the cast and some of the crew members went inside the green room for the critique. During this time, Gunner Mann and Denim Reeves stayed outside with Mondo Garcia and Mrs. Miller. Gunner, Denim, and Mondo were all observing the clouds and noticed that the wind was starting to pick up, and the temperature which had just  been warm had dropped down quickly, and it was getting cold. Mondo suggested that they all go out to the bus. While they were sitting on the bus, a man who worked at China Springs High School went out to the bus and told them that there was a tornado and they needed to get in the auditorium.
After the others came out of the critique, they noticed Gunner, Denim, Mondo and Mrs. Miller all sitting in the stands. They told us there were 2 tornados outside. Once the weather cleared up, they allowed us to leave, but we were held in the auditorium for at least 30 minutes, before it was okay to leave. No one was injured, everyone was okay, and the RSHS OAP cast, crew, and directors all made it home safely.

By: Remy Wood and Gunner Mann

Respiratory Infection Rampant!

There is a respiratory infection going around Richland Springs. It makes people sneeze, and have a runny nose, headaches, and a bad cough. It causes you to be congested and just plain uncomfortable. If any of these symptoms become evident in any member of your family, be sure to consult a doctor before the infection worsens. If prescribed antibiotics, be sure to complete the entire round of medicine. Do not stop taking the pills just because you feel better.  The infection could come back if the antibiotics are not finished.  Be careful to wash your hands regularly and use disinfectant sprays in your home.  Stay well.
By:  Trevor Tinney and Sophia Bultena


We know everyone is so excited for spring break, but we heard a few kids at RSHS saying they were going to miss school! How shocking, right?! We interviewed a few students, and here is what they had to say.
Colten Young, sophomore, “What am I doing spring break? I’m going to hang out with my buds and visit my friend Nick Moore. I actually wanted to go to Mexico with my pal Jonathon Patino, but my mom wouldn’t allow that! I also think I’m going to sleep a lot. I need my beauty sleep, you know?”
Jadeyn Bryant, 2nd grader, “I think I’m going to go to Austin or Oklahoma. If I go to Oklahoma, I will fish with my Grandpa if it warms up. If I go to Austin, I will play at my cousin Trevyn’s house. But, if I don’t go to Austin or Oklahoma, I will go shoot guns with my uncle Brandon and Robert Lee.”
Diego, 2nd grader, “I’m probably going to my Mimi’s. I’ll work out, because I do that like every week. I will watch TV.  I am sad about getting out though, because I’ll miss my best friend Elias!”
Mackenzie Stevens, 2nd grader, “I might go to Sierra’s birthday party. I also want to swim! I’ll probably play with my brother and sisters too! I am ready to get out of school.”
DeAnna Grady, sophomore, “I’m going to stay in Richland! I will definitely hang out with my friends, and I’m going to party like the summer of ’69!”
Denim Reeves, senior, “I’m going to go to Stephenville to hang out with my friends and explore the Tarleton campus. I plan to attend Tarleton next year, so I want see what I’m up against.”
Patrick Phillips, junior, “I’m going to go to Stephenville with my bro Denim. Then, I’m going to go to Oklahoma with Cheyenne Tharp, Elbert Thomas, Shelby Wilkerson, Chance Bush, and Heidi Posenecker! It’s going to be one heck of a spring break!”
Mrs. Hall, high school English teacher, “I’m actually going to Sea World today! I’m not particularly looking forward to it with this rainy weather though! Also, I’m going to take my daughter and grand-baby to Shreveport, Louisiana. I’m going to help them look for a new home! I’m so excited to get a break I can’t stand it even though, I know I will be ready to get back to my One Act Play cast and crew.”
We hope everyone has a wonderful spring break!!
Cheyenne & Katelynn

Steel Magnolias to Perform

The One Act Play Cast and Crew will present a public performance on Sunday afternoon, March 18th.  A fish fry will precede the 1:30 performance.  Lunch will be available from noon to 1:30 in the high school cafeteria.  Then, the play will be presented at 1:30.  Mark your calendars now for this hilarious, heart-warming show and a delicious lunch.  A donation is requested.

The play will be presented on March 21 in Coleman, Texas, in Zone competition.  You can catch this performance at approximately 2:30 p.m.

Cattle Market and Drought

Jordan Cattle Auction
Receipts totaled 722 head for the week. The market remains strong with packer bulls $3 higher with the top bull at $106.00 and packer cows selling $3 higher with the top cow at $92.00. All classes of calves and yearlings sold steady in an active market. Stocker cows and pairs are selling in good demand with pairs up $200 and bred cows $175 higher. Demand was strong on the bull offering with most of the better bulls bringing $1900 to $2500 and some of the younger bulls bringing $1400-$2100. The price for cattle is going up now that the drought has ended and someone can make money on them. If the drought had continued, all most everyone would have had to sell their cattle or they would have died.
By: Corey Turner

One Act Play Festival

Richland Springs One Act Play Festival
Yesterday, February 23rd, Richland Springs ISD hosted its third One Act Play Festival. San Saba, Christoval, Sydney, and Richland Springs all performed their plays. San Saba performed The Cover of Life, a play about a family in Louisiana who have a chance to make it on the cover of Life Magazine. Christoval performed The History of Tom Jones, a play about an illegitimate child named Tom Jones and his personal history. Sydney performed Pinocchio Commedia, a play within a play about how Pinocchio becomes a real boy. Richland Springs performed Steel Magnolias, a play about  six women in a beauty shop who gossip and go through some difficult times together. Kris Andrews, from Austin, was the judge who gave some excellent critiques to all of the plays. All in all, the festival was very successful and everyone who attended it had a good time.
By:  Thomas Fowler

Spring Break

The Students at Richland Springs High School are ready for spring break. The time between Christmas break and spring break seems to drag by. We have been working hard to prepare for TAKS, and we are worn out, along with the teachers. With only two weeks left, we are anxious to get a full week away from school. We get out on March 9th and do not have to return to school until March 19th. After a good break,  we hope to come back refreshed.
Cheyenne Tharp

Greenhouse at RSHS

At the beginning of the Spring Semester Mr.McKee’s 6th and 7th grade Horticulture Class began using the greenhouse behind the Ag Barn. Mr.McKee and his Horticulture Class  planted mostly vegetables such as different hybrids of tomatoes, Jalapenos, cilantro, beets, lettuce, corn, Serrano chill peppers, and avocados. They are also experimenting with re-potting aloe vera, and planting red oak acorns, ornamental plants, ivy, and a Ficus. Some of the vegetables that are growing in the greenhouse will be given to the teachers around campus, but most will be sold to Sliger’s Fruit and Vegetable Market in Brownwood and will be a fund-raising project.   Mr.McKee is looking forward to the outcome of all the plants and says that the kids are having a great time watching the seeds sprout and the plants grow. The Horticulture Class’ latest project is planting perennial wildflowers around the big oak tree in the parking lot in front of the high school.

Thanks for reading! – Brooklyn McGinty and Trevor Tinney


Please help the RSHS Drama Club spread the word that Elvis (aka Mr. Harvey McSpadden) is coming back to Richland Springs this Saturday night, February 25th at 7:00 p.m.  Admission is:  Adults:  minimum $5.00 donation; Students:  minimum $2.00 donation.  Mr. McSpadden has a deep, resonant voice and will not only sing familiar Elvis songs, but he will also sing some country and some gospel music.  He will also perform a tribute to our Veterans.  Help the Drama Club with their fund raiser by spreading the word about Elvis coming to Richland Springs this Saturday night!